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Energy X Detox – Practical Tip

Energy X Detox – Practical Tip

Do you want to have more disposition, clearance of mind, and energy to live your day in a quainter way? Follow this tip!

Early in the morning, right after getting out of bed, it is important to hydrate to clean the system, and “wake up” our body and mind.

It is fundamental to drink a glass of water and add to this a touch of precious Ayurvedic Medicine, to give the body a light detox.

Following this millenary medicine, we have in our system the “Agni”, which is our “digestive fire”, which is responsible for digesting everything physical and emotional.

The way of making it stronger is to drink mild water in fastening right after waking up, and if possible, to drink a little bit during the day. The ideal temperature is not so hot, but just enough to break the ice.

If you add some of these items to this water, it will become healthier:
- Lemon drips: The lemon helps balance the intestinal PH, the acid that stimulates the liberation of the bile, and in turn, sanitizes the gastrointestinal system. It can be some drips, half a lemon, or if you prefer, a whole one.
- Sal (Pink or any other unrefined salt): Sodium early in the morning raises the blood pressure in a positive way, avoiding that the cortisol is added, and the adrenal glands work in excess, due to the stress of modern life (it is recommended to use between ¼ teaspoon or 1 whole teaspoon)

If you have the costume of eating in the morning, eat only after 20 minutes from drinking this special water, so that your body may make this small internal cleanup.

Make this for some days and feel the difference!

I wish you’re always vibrating in the energy of Happiness and Love…In Lak Ech!
In Lak Ech
Mayan expression that means:
“I art thou, thou art I
What thou do unto others, thou do to thyself
As thou help others, is as thou help thyself
We are all connected under the Sun.”
When thou help others, is when thou help thyself


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