I want to collaborate so that people return to connecting with the life that pulses inside them, and stop putting its power in the external world, as, in other people, philosophies, and religions.

I want them to feel the true power that is in the reach of a single conscious breath, and that they are who give themselves “permission” to be healed, helped, and inspired by whatever therapy, etc.

The contrary also happens, because of fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, and all other emotions that we do not like only affect us if we allow them to.

My proposal is to give a tool for you to use on your own, to awaken your strength and enter in contact with your Conscience, comprehending that we are our own maximum authority, and the responsibility of our choices is ours alone.

It is valid and important to receive counseling and inspiration from friends, therapists, and religious leaders, but we should not depend on this guidance, because at the end of the day we must trust in ourselves. Furthermore, I do mean “ourselves” without referring to the ego, but instead to the guidance of Life that vibes in our body.

On Energy Consulting, I offer easy and quick tips for energetic alignment and harmonization that fit easily into your daily routine at home, or at work, whenever you need to rebalance yourself before an important meeting, or in another challenging moment.

Those tips encompass different techniques that may collaborate to balance and improve your sexual energy, through how to optimize your body’s physical functions, balancing your emotions, to improving your connection to the loftiest and subtlest energies, among others.

Have a personalized consulting to identify the best tools to overcome your challenges!

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CLARIFICATION: The information on this site is not intended to replace medical treatment, nor can it be used as a basis for diagnosis.

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