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Jewels of Personalized Art
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Joias e Semijoias Terapêuticas

Therapeutic Jewels and Semi-Jewels


Do you want to be treated specially, internally, and externally? Use a Therapeutic Jewel or Semi-Jewel.

Inspired by the intuition and connection to the subtlest energies. Order personalized jewels, created to increase your personal power.

The creation of therapeutic jewels is made through the stone (gem) and the metal indicated through each person’s profile. The jewel then becomes a conduit of harnessing and retaining healing energies that, through enhancing your beauty, helps in your emotional and physical balance.

This influence has been scientifically studied and shows how the stone’s atoms interact with our atoms, generating greater and better energy in people, fixating a new energetic pattern that will bring balance to the situation.

" drawing oneself and use consciously a jewel with healing properties, the creations become art pieces, that provides power to those who wear them...

When you use crystals and stones, your energies mingle to the electromagnetic human field or aura. As the light reacts to the stones and the vibrations of color reflect into the aura, the intensified color frequencies serve to dissipate and neutralize the emotional and physical strains. To increase the subtlest energies and light power around the body, one may obtain greater power and personal balance."

(Extracted from the book: The healing properties of Crystals and Precious Stones – Katrina Raphael)

Write me up telling me what is your hardship or necessity, so I can create a Therapeutic Jewel especially for you!


Choose your Therapeutic Semi-Jewel according to the Natural Stone and the Golden Proportion described in each one of them, and become more than pretty, balanced.


"Alessanda, I would like to share with you the benefits that the ring brought to my mother. I remember wanting to give her a very beautiful gift for her birthday, because, after all, she was making 55 years old. It had to be a special gift, but I did not know what. Until we met, through your mother, and I thought, it was a good idea to give her one exclusive jewel. In the beginning, although it seemed reasonably spiritualized, I was not worried about the characteristics of the stone itself and the energetic work done upon it, but since your proposal is an exclusive jewel with a special stone, I decided to “play along”. I remember that I commented with you that my mother is (was) a very impulsive, nervous, passionate person… I remember, as well, that I commented that had she not had these traits, she would not be the person that she is today, but maybe, at this age, she did not need to be this intense, if we say that. Well, you analyzed said characteristics and recommended the amethyst. I chose the model of the ring with a certain difficulty, because all of them were so pretty, and done, the jewel was ready. My mother loved it, the design is wonderful, exclusive, and the stone is beautiful. I commented with my mother the energetic work that was done unto the stone, moreover after the delivery, from time to time, as you commented with me, and she also found it interesting, but I realized that she didn’t give it as much importance, even though she used it every single day. It is interesting, one day, she decided to not use the ring. She was stressed, irritated, bothered… I asked my brother what had happened, and he answered: “It’s because she isn’t using the ring…” and, impressively, she realized that she was different, changed. She put the ring back and never took it off her finger ever again! I have to say the energetic benefits are huge, she doesn’t take it off her finger, and, besides that, it is a jewel with a very beautiful and exclusive design. I am very satisfied with my acquisition. Thank you! Thais."

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CLARIFICATION: The information on this site is not intended to replace medical treatment, nor can it be used as a basis for diagnosis.

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