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The Mandala of the Flower of Life and Its Importance

The Mandala of the Flower of Life and Its Importance

The Flower of Life is considered the Matrix of the Universe. The mere act of contemplating its form makes it align with yourself, thus with the universal organism, because you are a cell in this great organism called the Universe.

The code of the Flower of Life contains all of the wisdom, similar to the genetic code contained within our DNA. Every molecule of life, every cell in our human body, every drawing in nature knowns this geometric pattern, and is built by it.

The Flower of Life is a powerful mandala capable of connecting us with other dimensions and harmonizing us with the Universal Laws. It is protected in the interior of two concentric circles and is composed of 19 circles, having in each of their interiors 6-petal rosacea: the Seed of Life.

There is absolutely no knowledge in the universe that is not contained in the pattern of the Flower of Life. The two circles around it represent the Yin and Yang in harmony.
The importance that is given to the Flower of Life in millennia comes from the fact that it contains all the codes of structures known as the Seed, the Egg, the Fruit, and the Tree of Life, that are steps of the evolution of life:
- The seed, its expansion through the egg
- Its protection through the Fruit
- The manifestation of its beauty through the Flower
- Its final expression through the tree, where new seeds will be born, restarting the natural cycle of nature’s expansion

One of the greatest geniuses of humanity, Leonard da Vinci, studied the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life and applied it in his pieces.
The drawing of the Flower of Life has been found in different parts of the world in many temples, art pieces, manuscripts of old cultures, like the interior drawings in the Temple of

Osiris (Abydos, Egypt), the deity that represents the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. The oldest sign was found in one of an Assyrian king’s palace, Assurbanipal, which may be seen at the Louvre, Paris.

What do you think about using this powerful Mandala of the Flower of Life? Click here to learn about the pendant.

Interior drawing in the temple ceiling in Abydos, Egypt.

The symbol of the Flower of Life is found at the temple ceiling.

Made in May 24 2009 in Bishop Cannings, England
I wish you’re always vibrating in the energy of Happiness and Love…In Lak’ Ech!*
* “In Lak’ Ech”

Mayan expression that means:
“I art thou, thou art I
What thou do unto others, thou do to thyself
As thou help others, is as thou help thyself
We are all connected under the Sun.”
When thou help others, is when thou help thyself


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