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Posture X Energy: Change your posture and feel better!

Posture X Energy: Change your posture and feel better!

Our biochemistry, and consequentially our emotion, may be altered in quick ways, only changing the way we position our bodies. Simple like that!

It is wonderful how we are getting to know the tools that nature gives to show that it is on our hands the power to change our lives!

The Harvard teacher and psychologist Amy Cuddy (picture below) made research with volunteers to prove that if we keep certain corporal postures for 2 minutes, we can feel more powerful and confident.

This happens because the postures stimulate the endocrine glands, increasing testosterone (connected to the impulse of power, action, and disposition) and diminishing the cortisol level (stress hormone). This means, if you act powerfully, you will start to feel and think powerfully.

In the research, to prove the alterations, they collected saliva of the participants and analyzed it before the start of the research, which consisted of simply staying for 2 minutes in the indicated postures. After 17 minutes of finishing the experiment, they repeated the collection, evidencing that the stress hormone levels diminished and the power hormones increased!

These postures below were some of those used in the experiment:

I wish you are always vibrating in the energy of Happiness and Love…In Lak Ech!
In Lak Ech
Mayan expression that means:
I art thou, thou art I
What thou do unto others, thou do to thyself
As thou help others, is as thou help thyself
We are all connected under the Sun.
When thou help others, is when thou help thyself


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