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Balance your energy with Sacred Geometry: Practical Tips

Balance your energy with Sacred Geometry: Practical Tips

Everything that exists in the universe, from the greatest galaxies to the subatomic particles, including the plants and our body, were built and work having as base a geometric pattern, and mathematically facsimile, known as Golden or Divine Proportion.
This proportion was used by Leonard Da Vinci in the famous Mona Lisa, the construction of the Greek Parthenon, the Notre Dame cathedral, as well as the credit cards that use every day. Even Mozart’s musical compositions!
In one of the courses I took about Sacred Geometry, the teacher asked us to draw different geometric patterns, one by one, and at the end of each drawing, to write the sensations and emotions that we feel when we drew them. It was very interesting because the reports from all students were how the feelings we got from certain shapes were either identical or very similar!
Nevertheless, let us ask the important question…in practical life, where can Sacred Geometry help us?
Normally, when we have inspiring experiences, be it through meditation, or any other moment where there is a very huge sentimental appeal, like a religious ritual or when we are very involved in prayer, we activate the right hemisphere of the brain, that is more intuitive and creative, and we generally feel very good, and some people may feel important visions and insights.
Sometimes we may have very real and wonderful feelings, but the tendency is that when we return to our activities in “the real world”, we start to use the left side of the brain, that deals with the rational and logical, and so, we doubt what really happened, and minimize its relevance, or even think that we’re too “out there” and become more skeptical. That means, we have one unique experience, but 2 different conclusions from them.
For us to have complete experiences without generating internal conflicts, we need to make so that the two brain hemispheres work together, and that both are involved in the same experience. Through this, we will have more skill to deal with the challenges of personal relationships and works brought daily, without analyzing the situation purely through logic, and without reacting fully on emotion, but having an ample vision that makes us much more competent to act.
The Sacred Geometry helps us getting those harmonious integrations between the 2 brain hemispheres, through conscious observation of the forms, the perfect proportions of nature, and the practice of some of the simple tips I will describe here, among others I will teach in a different moment.
By eating the fruits and legumes consciously on the harmonic vibrations of the shapes contained within these foods, and by looking consciously to the flowers and the trees, connecting with this sacred geometry, we will be observing and receiving more information about life, and this will guide us through the expansion of the conscience in relation to the nature of life, putting us in attunement to the great cosmic symphony.
I cite as an example the starfruit, the apple, and the papaya, that contain a five-pointed star (which you can see perfectly when you make a horizontal cut). The spirals that we find in galaxies, clouds, and plants. The honeycomb, which contains the shape of a hexagon, and the majority of the leaves, which contain a vesica piscis (see pictures below).
The Sacred Geometry is also known as the Archaeometry or the Language of Light.
If we harmonize with the elements of nature: Stones, Soil, Plants, Water, etc… it will be easier to harmonize with ourselves, and with others.
For us to have health, we must eat a tree per week: roots, leaves, fruits, flowers, stem (palmetto, asparagus, sprouts), seeds. We must always leave ourselves close to flowers, stones, pictures of animals, and nature in general.

Beyond this conscious observation, it is important we do specific exercises to connect both hemispheres. Below is a list of suggestions.

Practical Exercise – Clapping Hands
- Clap both of your hands in front of your body, and then clap both of your hands behind your body, alternating periodically.

When you observe a Sacred Geometry, remember to take a deep breath to focus your energy and attention on that moment, facilitating this connection, entering in resonance with the energy of the shape you are contacting.
To learn more about the shapes of Sacred Geometry click here and navigate through the Manual of Energies, and learn about the Therapeutic Semi-Jewels made with these sacred forms too, collaborating to balance your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical energies.

Papaya – Five-pointed star
Apple – Five-pointed star
Vesica Piscis – The Vesica Piscis is a gate of light that creates a path between the spiritual and the material world. It is the womb of creation and the spring of unified consciousness. It is made from the overlap of two identical spheres that interpenetrate, and simbolize the ascension of the human being through the union of the masculine principle/“positive” with the feminine principle/“negative”, representing in this perfectly balanced state of these strengths the Yin and Yang.

I wish you are always vibrating in the energy of Happiness and Love…In Lak Ech!
“In Lak Ech”
Mayan expression that means:
“I art thou, thou art I
What thou do unto others, thou do to thyself
As thou help others, is as thou help thyself
We are all connected under the Sun.”
When thou help others, is when thou help thyself


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