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Breathing X Balance – Practical Tip

Breathing X Balance – Practical Tip

To have health in its amplest conception is necessary to leave seeing breathing as just a mechanical act that brings oxygen to our physical body. Breathing is the easiest and most natural way of receiving energy from life, called Chi by the Chinese and Prana by the Indian because if we breathe consciously, we can direct this energy to some specific place, or simply spread it around the body.

The way we breathe reveals a lot about our positions in relation to life. As we grow, the stress and the emotional and physical strains start to interfere in this process, but the good news is, there are different techniques to reeducate breathing, like the Pranayamas used in Yoga, or the Rebirth Breathing of Leonard Orr, and the Holotropic Breathing, among others, that bring us necessary conscience to reestablish our health and the balance of physical and mental health.

Breathing deeply and slowly, our brain receives a tranquilizing message, and there is a reduction in the cardiac frequency, the number of stress hormones circulating, which clears the mind and increases the oxygenation of the cells and the organism’s tissues, thus liberating substances that regularize the arterial pressure, returning our body and emotions to the normal state. This explains why medics are indicating more and more breathing exercises to treat hypertension, stress, and anxiety.

You need to observe, when under the effect of fear or other strong negative emotion, we restrain our breathing flux through contractions of different body parts, trying to reduce the available energy for feeling itself; it is as if, face to more pleasant emotions, the flow and the duration of breathing increases, allowing us to gain more energy, and thus, feel this good feeling.

Basic tips on how to breathe correctly:

The first step is to start to pay attention to your breathing. This increases your perception of the body, and the energies it will receive. The more natural breathing is that which the babies do, that is the Diaphragmatic Breathing, which also uses the belly in the process.

It is normal to observe today that people have shorter breathings, using only the superior part of the thorax, and thus we cannot inhale all of the oxygen nor receive all of the necessary energy for our body, mind, and emotions to feel complete and plain harmony.

Being conscious of your own breathing on a daily basis brings a lot of benefits, because we bring ourselves to the “Here and Now”, taking the anxiety away for the future and the nostalgia of the past.

1. Lying or sitting with your feet on the floor, keep your spine aligned, and breathe slowly, inhaling and exhaling through your nose. Feeling the air entering, and taking it to the belly and then to the lungs, without haste.

2. The belly must be projected outwards, without the chest being bulged. Take a short break, then empty your lungs, letting the air out on its own, without pushing it out, and contracting your abdomen so that all the inspired air comes out.

3. Do the movement for a few minutes and feel your heart rate slow and your mind becomes still.
Repeat this exercise at least 3 times, when you wake up, before sleeping, or during the day before some meeting, or when under pressure, stress or fear. With time, this breathing pattern will become natural.

I wish you’re always vibrating in the energy of Happiness and Love…In Lak Ech!
“In Lak Ech”
Mayan expression that means:
“I art thou, thou art I
What thou do unto others, thou do to thyself
As thou help others, is as thou help thyself
We are all connected under the Sun.”
When thou help others, is when thou help thyself


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