This ring represents in its drawing and way of using the generosity in our behavior and thoughts that are important to be developed and that help us increase the capacity of adaptation and demands of each situation in a varied form since being stuck in a routine and being rigid in behavior isn’t good at any aspect.
This ring comes with two small balls of natural stone that may be changed depending on your taste, or the energy that you need in that moment.
Available in the numbers 20/21/15/16
Material: Yellow Gold or Rhodium-plated metal and 02 Natural Stones of Chrysoprase and Hematite
Energies of the Sacred Geometry: - Circle: The stone in the shape of a circle, one of the perfect shapes of sacred geometry, has the property of expanding such sublime energy.

Energy of the Number 1 (number of stones in the piece) – Symbolizes the life that is in each one of us, and means: Originality, Creativity, Desire, Activity, Leadership, Being Logical, Independent, Objective, Practical, Pioneering, Affirmative, Initiative, idealist, Energetic, etc.

Energetic Properties:

- Chrysoprase
Chrysoprase is a stone capable of helping us solve all types of problems in our lives. It reduces fear and jealousy, and brings forth our talents, helps to improve our creativity, and incentivizes our success in business and personal relationships. In the emotional area, it acts bringing a feeling of confidence, stimulating our independence, and soothing our emotions.
In the physical body, it helps detox the liver, favors the good working of the digestive system, and increases our sexual energy, including our fertility.
It helps people feel greater introspection, to feel calmer, and to become less egotistical, and more willing to new places and situations.
It stimulates creativity and causes unknown talents to appear. According to older readings, the chrysoprase may guide us to find true love, and escape situations of great danger and peril.

- Hematite
It has in its essence the strength of iron and the ethereal nature of oxygen, working both in the physical body and in the ethereal body. It is a mineral of metamorphosis, incorporating spiritual elements in the physical form.
With the power to strengthen and purify the blood, it is essential in the treatment and prevention of illnesses such as cancer, leukemia, AIDS, anemia, and diabetes. It helps in coagulation, cicatrization, control of blood loss during surgeries, and the purification of the bloodstream. Its main mission is to anchor the physical body to the essence of the spirit.
The hematite works in the basic chakra (the first) and mainly on the eighth chakra, the “Earth Star” that is activated and balanced by it. In this form, the hematite constructs the bridge that ties the energy of the spirit that entered through the “Soul Star”, with roots in the planet.
The stone promotes total anchoring to the earthen energies, eliminating the limitations of the mind and promoting a balance between the ethereal nervous system and the physical nervous system. It may also help dissolve negativity.

Physical Body – Heartburn, Liver Cirrhosis, Depression, Digestion, Stomach, Stomatitis, Liver, Gastritis, Indigestion, Digestive System, Ulcers, Vitality

Spiritual Factors – Soul, Unconditional Love, Spiritual Consciousness, Spiritual Awakening, Balance, Spirituality, Expansion, Expression of the Truth of the Spirit, Introspection

Emotional Factors – Openness, Altruism, Love, Anchoring, Anxiety, Apathy, Attention (Alertness), Self-esteem, Well-being, Emotional blocks, Calm, Understanding, Communication, Depression, Ego, Empowerment (Knowing, recognizing and assuming your inner powers and forces ), Emotional Balance, Personal Expression, Harmony, Irritability, Negativity, Nervousness, Patience, Peace, Perception, Personal Power, Protection, Relaxation, Sexuality, Success, Self-destructive Trends, Tensions, Tranquility, Addictions.

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