KABBALAH TREE OF LIFE PENDANT (Rhodium or Gold-plated)

KABBALAH TREE OF LIFE PENDANT (Rhodium or Gold-plated)



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The Tree of Life is a structure composed of ten spheres, connected by 22 paths that correspond to the letters of the Hebraic alphabet, each with a meaning that activates certain vibrations that inspire conscious action. Each sphere or seraph represents a talent or a characteristic that we have or need to develop to know ourselves as human beings, and thus discover the divine in us. Through understanding the divine, we are more capable of healing ourselves at all levels.

Material: Metal with Yellow Gold or Rhodium plating and 10 Natural Stones
Size: 3cm Height, 1,8mm Width
Energies from the shapes of Sacred Geometry: - Circle: The stone in the shape of a circle, one of the perfect shapes of sacred geometry, has the property of expanding such sublime energy.

Energy of the Number 1 (10 = 1 +0 = 1 – number of stones in the piece) – Symbolizes the life that is in each one of us, and means: Originality, Creativity, Desire, Activity, Leadership, Being Logical, Independent, Objective, Practical, Pioneering, Affirmative, Initiative, idealist, Energetic, etc.

1 – White Crystal
2 – Clear Amethyst
3 – Dark Amethyst
4 – Onyx
5 – Garnet
6 – Citrine
7 – Coral
8 – Agathe
9 – Medium Blue Topaz
10 – Clear Green Tourmaline

Physical Body – Abdomen, Alcoholism, Tonsillitis, Anemia, Asthma, Autism, General well-being, Mouth, Bronchitis, Head, Cataract, Brain, Circulation, Colic, Heart, Vocal chords, Generalized healing, Color blindness, Decongestion, Hormonal imbalances, Diabetes, Dyslexia, Diseases Genetic and Congenital, Venereal Diseases, Headache, Pain in general, Vessel Hardening, Migraine, Epilepsy, Balance (Loss), Skeleton, Pharynx, Pharyngitis, Fever, Liver, Vital Force, Throat, Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland, Blood Cells White, Red Blood Cells, Flu and Colds, Hemophilia, Hemorrhage, Hemorrhoids, Hepatitis, Herpes, Hypertension, Hypoglycemia, Hypothyroidism, Hormones, Inflammation, Insomnia, Intestines, Intoxications, Larynx, Laryngitis, Leukemia, Menstruation, Metabolism, Narinas, Nostrils, Nostrils, Nostrils , Palate

Month Stone – April, February, and January
Spiritual Factors – Aura (Cleanliness and Balance), Channeling, Karma, Chakras (Alignment), Spiritual Consciousness, Contemplation, Subtle Bodies (Alignment), Elementals, Balance, Spirituality, Expansion, Faith, Enlightenment, Introspection, Intuition, Meditation, Prayer, Spiritual Protection, Purity of the Spirit, Rituals, Spiritual Wisdom, Truth

Emotional Factors – Openness, Abundance, Alienation, Altruism, Hallucinations, Love, Anchoring, Anxiety, Dislike, Improvement, Self-esteem, Well-being, Calm, Clarity, Communication, Concentration, Mental Conditioning, Mental Confusion, Consciousness, Courage, Depression, Energy Dispersion , Egoism, Empowerment (Knowing, recognizing and assuming your inner powers and forces), Center Balance, Emotional Balance, Personal Expression, Focus, Grace, Hysteria, Imagination, Innocence, Fears, Memory, Detailed Observation, Peace, Perception, Nightmares, Personal Power, Purity, Relaxation, Rigidity, Sexuality, Shyness, Truth, Addictions, Vision, Voice

Zodiac Affinity – Aquarius, Aries, Capricorn, Scorpion, Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius, all of the Signs, Virgo
Professional Affinity - Lawyer, Architect, Artists, Astrologer, Communicators and Advertisers, Dancers, Housewives, Farmers and Gardeners, Inventors, Ministers, Musicians, Politicians, Psychologists, Secretaries, Alternative Therapists

Planetary Affinity – Jupiter, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto, Sun, Venus
Sacred Geometry – Circle, Triangle

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